Anima Select, a collection of porcelain stoneware marbles; four new tones that have been inspired by four marvellous varieties of marble. An exclusive appeal, luxury and a natural appearance stand out in this new collection of marble effect tiles for the floors and walls of commercial and residential spaces.

Artists used blocks of marble to give life to some of the greatest Italian sculptures. In a similar way, the Anima series utilised 6 inspirational marble types in order to transform spaces with an exclusive elegance and charm. With Anima Select, we are continuing the journey that has led us to create Anima, which has by now become a classic of deluxe coverings

With its 5 sizes, ranging from the 30×60 to the 160×320 cm extra large porcelain stoneware slabs, the marble effect Anima Select collection is ideal for design solutions in which aesthetic prestige is essential.

Colours range from the purity of Bianco Arabesco to the distinctive elegance of Nero Atlante, and, in between, the warm tones of Bianco Alpino and the entrancing contrasts in tone of Grigio Boreale.

Bianco Arabesco is also available with a Bookmatching pattern, which can make any surface both refined and unforgettable. The vast offer of decorations and trims is a valid support for designers that have chosen the technical reliability of Anima Select marble effect porcelain stoneware tiles.

All colours in the range are available in the matt finish for the sizes 60x120cm, 60x60cm and 30x60cm. The bright, gloss-like finish is also available in all colours and in the additional slab sizes of 160×320, 160×160120×278120x240cm and 120x120cm for the Bianco AlpinoBianco Arabesco and Nero Atlante colours.

A wide range of feature tiles (including listellos, tozzettos and insert features) and mosaics are available with this collection which add an extra dimension of architectural versatility to the range.