Autore is the story of a glorious comeback: a new ceramic masterpiece.

Autore turns the spotlight onto Venetian terrazzo floors, amongst the most original and renowned creations of the history of Italian craftsmanship. It rewrites and retells a tale, made of love for material and of skill, in a modern language.

Autore is porcelain stoneware collection that captures the eye, by virtue of its richness of details and facets, and presents itself as a candidate for becoming a new contemporary design classic.

The range is available in two finishes:

Matt Finish: A surface of extraordinary beauty that captures the authentic soul and sophisticated allure of the source of inspiration, whilst strengthening its character and imparting a superior performance. To play a leading role in residential and commercial environments, thanks also to the ambitious breadth of the 120×120 size.

Semi-polished Finished: a finish with an astonishing reflecting potential, which endows a luminous present to a cornerstone of Italian craftsmanship. Design that gives an evocative touch of glamour to residential contexts and commercials areas that are not subject to particularly heavy stress.

The decorations CapriProcida and Monreale, with their geometric patterns and unusual textures, complete the collection hence offering designers and architects four original tools to set their creativity free.

The porcelain tiles of the Autore series in the colours Rimini, Taormina and Rivoli are also available in the high thickness Aextra 20 (20mm pavers) version for outdoor use, to bring the precious elegance of Venetian terrazzo into outdoor and wet areas in all residential and commercial areas.