Cosmopolitan and with a vintage taste, like the city from which it takes inspiration: This is Brooklyn, the new series of porcelain wall coverings able to create contemporary and evocative, luminous and vibrant spaces.

Brooklyn is only available in 7.5×30, an elegant size with a vintage flavour. the 7.5×30 size also gives the range versatility with regards to installation as there are a number of available laying schemes including herringbone, vertical and brick-bond.

The uneven, yet rectified, edges give the range a sense of versatility as it unites a handcrafted flavour with easy installation. This is combined with contemporary pastel colours coated in a glossy glaze, giving the range an unmatched level of sophistication.

The collection is available in seven stunning colours: Fog, Snow, Sand, Carbon, Sky, Leaf and Carbon.

The seven colours are by complemented a pair of mosaic designs: the round mosaic and brick mosaic.