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Deco Solutions

A wide offering of decorations in 60×120 and 120x278cm that can be used to complement other collections.

Textures, colours, and modular designs are available to charactertise your architectural and interior design projects with style.

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Deco Solutions is a wide offering of decorative porcelain wall coverings available in 60×120 and 120x278cm. Textures, colours, and modular designs are available to characterise your architectural and interior design projects with style. The graphic patterns composed by this range add a note of colour and creativity to the spaces they are applied to.

The 60x120cm decorations are developed in a single, continuous graphic pattern, connecting on each side. They can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal direction. The FlowerLeafPeonia, and Rose patterns are available in this format. This portion of the Deco Solutions collection is available in 9mm thickness.

The Deco Solutions ImpressionJunglePampaRammedSpring, and Watercolor features are available in 120x278cm.

Deco Solutions Gold Magnolia and Gold Willow are produced by a third-firing application of gold-based inks on designs from other Caesar Ceramiche collections. Gold Magnolia incorporates the design of Anima Futura Unique Black in its pattern, whereas Gold Willow incorporates the design of Prima Concrete. For ordinary cleaning of these two features, it is advised that you clean with a soft cloth and PH-neutral products to avoid dulling or scratching. Before grouting, it is advised you protect the surface with masking tape. Cement-based, not epoxy-based, grouts must be used. Immediately after grouting, remove any residue with water and a soft cloth.

All designs in the 60×120 and 120x278cm format are available in 6mm thickness.

The collection is best complimented with other Caesar Ceramiche products, such as Join, Alchemy, Anima Futura, and Anima. However, this product is ultimately designed to suit your tastes and preferences.

Deco Solutions is Made in Italy with the highest quality materials. The collection, therefore, ensures high standards of hygiene. They are hypo-allergenic and they do not release organic substances into the environment (they are VOC Free). The materials used in the creation of this product allow the tile to withstand the stress of various forms while retaining its original appearance. The collection is also fireproof and does not produce toxic gasses in the event of a fire.

The most striking feature of porcelain stoneware is its compactness, which is the result of top-level mechanical pressing and firing technology. This feature offers absorption values near zero and makes this material particularly resistant to the most diverse types of stress (wear, scratching, staining, etc.). It makes porcelain stoneware the ideal covering material for any type of environment, indoors and outdoors.



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