Elapse concrete stone-effect porcelain tiles relate the story of the material shaped by the passing of time, by centuries and by the work of craftsman to give an indescribable age-old concept to your ambiences. The stone-effect porcelain tiles ravaged by time allow you to play with an almost infinite number of eclectic compositions with clearly contemporary characteristics.

The wide range of square, rectangular and listel formats (30×120, 20×120, 75×75, 60×60, 30×60, 7.5x30cm) offer a myriad of possible applications and interpretations, also thanks to the variety of available colour choices that make the surfaces come to life and chameleon-like.

The Neutral hue, clear and heterogeneous, brings to mind the unspoiled landscape that conveys feelings of peace and tranquillity.

Mist, a pure grey characterised by distinct peaks of even more intense tones, and Oyster, a brownish and varied tone give elegance to every space. The colour range is completed by Cave, with its varying grades of charcoal grey and by Pacific, a unique and contemporary time of grey tending to blue.

The stone-effect porcelain tiles of the Elapse range ravaged by time also have a rich decorative tendency, and consist of Domino, Scrape, Track, Kaleido, Groove and Squares: aesthetic meetings between design and the material able to meet your every planning need.

The Elapse collection is also available in the high thickness Aextra20 (20mm pavers) version for outdoors, perfect for exterior flooring thanks to its familiar anti-absorbency, strength and high durability characteristics, attributes that have always been associated with Italian made porcelain stoneware tiles. The Made in Italy trademark is the promise of quality stone-effect porcelain tiles, always at the forefront in ensuring the utmost environmental safeguard and product quality.