Lumina 20×20: placing an accent on style and function

Lumina, the extraordinary collection of wall coverings, continues to grow, offering an increasingly exhaustive range of solutions able to bring sophisticated nuances and decorations to a range of settings, defining them down to the last detail.

The two new elements in the Lumina range offer a perfect combination of style and practical appeal, able to enhance freedom of stylistic expression to the full: the new 20×20 cm size, with a traditional appearance that makes it ideal for creating a cosy, inviting ambience, and the Grey and Beige shades for the maxi size 50x110RT cm, perfect for those seeking a more daring look.

Designed for small spaces or classic settings, the 20x20RT cm Lumina porcelain stoneware tiles come in the colour White, with a Matt finish, featuring both a smooth and a three-dimensional surface, with the subtle, simple elegance of the 3D surfaces of Frame, and Veil, which offers a faithful reproduction of the graceful waves of a fine-quality fabric. To create a series of pleasant colour contrasts, Frame has also been designed in an intense Black shade with a Matt finish.

In a striking, distinctive size perfect for large spaces, the 50x110RT cm Lumina white-body tile now comes in two new warm, delicate Matt shades, Beige and Grey, which join the White Matt and Gloss versions. This size also features three-dimensional decorations, thanks to the Diamante texture, able to bring a subtle sense of movement to the walls, and Line, an extruded tile with a contemporary mood.

With Lumina, it’s the material that brings character to both residential and commercial furnishing settings: the natural allure of the finest Italian-made ceramics, the delicate colours and the novel relief effects offer both private customers and design engineers the opportunity to create an elegant allure and an attractively subtle style, evoking a pleasantly relaxing sensation.

This brand extension slots smoothly into the wide range of existing sizes and colours in the Lumina range: 30.5x56RT cm and 25×75 cm, in the modern Grey and Beige shades with a Matt finish; 30.5x56RT cm and 25×75 cm, in the purest of colours, White, with both Matt and Gloss finishes. Also important is the list of 3D surfaces, architectural elements with a distinctive design, all available in the shades Beige, Grey and White, in the 30.5×56 cm size with a Matt finish: Ray, featuring a delightfully distinctive light prism texture; Cube, with a pattern featuring 3D cubes; Rose, reminiscent of the elegance of a delicate carpet of flowers; soft, graceful Curve, featuring a sculptural wave effect that brings a beautiful finish to the walls; Square, featuring relief geometries with a variety of inclinations able to multiply the effects of the light.

The Lumina collection is completed with a large number of special tiles, including two steel listel tiles, Lumina Silver Cromo and Lumina Silver Satinato, which bring extraordinary expressive power to the setting.