Manhattan: a statement of style going beyond the latest trend.

Manhattan is the colour-effect series of porcelain stoneware wall coverings, made in Italy, that are as unique as the city that inspired them: New York.

A collection with a timeless mood, capable of creating a look that seems aged yet is extremely contemporary at the same time, thanks especially to the focus on the traditional 10×30 cm size – that is brought right up to date by the irregular shiny surface. An unusual finish that is very sophisticated and has a hand crafted feeling, enhanced by the sophisticated range of colours consisting of nine mineral notes specially selected for this collection. Grey, Smoke, Pearl, Vintage, Jeans, Black, White, Sand, and Beige are the new metropolitan-inspired colours that give the line its personality.

Manhattan is an extremely versatile solution, designed to give life to unique and very personal rooms. It reveals a multi-purpose vocation with the possibility to mix the colours together and choose from 6 different tiling layouts: in parallel, elegant and essential; brick, classic yet contemporary; minimum gap, tiling the product side by side to achieve an absolutely elegant effect; 5 mm gap for an on-trend result; filling the gap with toning grout to create the sensation of continuity or with a contrasting grout to point out a strong personality.

The hand crafted feeling is also enhanced by the classical decorations that dust down the past without a trace of nostalgia for and take a new approach to ceramics, like the Soho Beige insert and the Soho inset, available in Beige and Metal. On the other hand, the extremely modern Soho listel, again in Beige and Metal, is made using a three-dimensional process that cuts across the ceramic horizontally with irregular scratches.

The mosaics in the new Tratti finish complete the collection with rectangular tessera creating a very on-trend effect. This all makes for an excellent result.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications, and complete with trim tiles to take care of even the smallest detail; it is also possible to match the wall coverings with porcelain stoneware floor tiles from wood-effect collections such as Vibe and Fabula, stone-effect collections such Portraits and Maku, metal-effect collections such as Trace, and cement-effect collections such as One.

Manhattan: classic exuberance.