Roma Diamond: an icon of beauty.

Roma Diamond is a range of floor coverings, made of porcelain stoneware, and white body wall coverings entirely dedicated to the timeless appeal of shiny marble. This series was created out of the Roma collection, characterised by matt finishings and enriched with a series of modern and contemporary ceramic marbles with an extremely shiny finish. The combination of Roma and Roma Diamond forms an extremely varied line in terms of sizes, shapes, colours, decorations and surfaces, which encapsulate an ability to offer the market a cutting-edge design product.

The material is the key feature of this new collection: the veining, the imperfections and shadings of the numerous varieties of ceramic marbles. There are seven colour shades proposed: Carrara, Statuario, Calacatta and White Frammenti white, four white finishings on which two intense black tones are added: Nero Reale and Black Frammenti, and a crystalline marble, Beige Duna, with a warm colour and delicate veining.

Roma Diamond is a collection that bathes spaces with light thanks to the refined colours and the brilliance of the surfaces. A series of inserts and precious decorations have been developed. These are able to transmit a common theme through the different areas of the house, from the kitchen to the living room floor and bathroom, where marble expresses its beauty to the full.

Conceived for wall coverings, the Acanto insert is a twist of tone-on-tone leaves in relief. To enrich the porcelain stoneware, the Righe, Incroci and Carpet inserts make it possible to enhance floors in a very personalised fashion. With a strong design focus, the Caleido decoration with an obscured hexagonal shape offers a modern optical perspective which combines, through irregular shapes, the different colours and textures according to taste. This provides the possibility of personalising spaces with polychrome or monochrome compositions.

Roma Diamond introduces the elegance and splendour of marble not only in residential projects but also in public and commercial projects, thanks to the resistance, ease of maintenance, sustainability and versatility of Italian-made ceramic material.

The Roma Diamond range reflects an exceptional level of technological know-how. The porcelain floor coverings are available in the rectified sizes of 120×120, 75×150, 75×75 and 60×60 cm, while the white body wall coverings are available in the rectified sizes of 25×75 and 50×110 cm. The latter are also offered in the Line structure: an elegant ribbed structure typical of contemporary marble processes.

Roma Diamond is offered in a wide range of mosaics: “Round mosaic” in 29.5×32.5 cm, which is particular for the round tesserae generating a soft and sophisticated effect; “Micro mosaic”, characterised by square micro-tesserae with an irregular border; “Macro mosaic”, a medium-sized tesserae with regular borders in which the joints become a prominent feature of a regular elegance; and “Schegge mosaic, tesserae with strong irregular surfaces, for a vibrant effect rich in reflections. The “Spinato mosaic” is also available, a combination of natural materials made in porcelain stoneware: marble, wood and stone for an extremely contemporary look.

The special pieces, such as the skirting, stairs, external edges and corners, are ideal to perfectly refine the environment.