All the striking details of wood hand-crafted by artisans, leading to warm and welcoming ambiences, are brought to the fore by the Root hand-crafted wood effect porcelain tile collection.

Nature, energy and materiality, are the elements and the sensations that set the Root hand-crafted wood effect porcelain tile collection apart. The collection reinterprets a sought-after and precious wood that is perfect for personalising your spaces with a long-lasting Italian made material without surrendering the natural warmth of wood.

Available in 5 natural colours and for 4 listel formats, the Root tile collection interprets and narrates the intimate sensations of wood thanks to the soft planed finish that adapts itself with originality to your personal style.

Root is the wood effect porcelain tile collection with a lively character and lived-in look, that recaptures the values of age-old crafts and catapults them into our everyday life, giving life to welcoming places that have a timeless charm.

The natural colours Miele, Vaniglia, Nocciola, Pepe and Cannella animate the surfaces of your residential and commercial spaces and are perfect for flooring or as a wall cladding. The contrasting grains and knots enliven the surface of the oak wood effect porcelain tiles and create elegant naturalness able to transmit intense sensations, visual as well as tactile, that warm your spaces by adapting to architectural contexts that are traditional or design.

The breadth of the range combined with its non-absorbant and extremely durable Italian-made characteristics, make this range the perfect solution to furnish shops, hotels, shopping centres, lounges or commercial office spaces. In line with the mission of eco-sustainability, the wood-effect porcelain tiles do not emit organic substances into the atmosphere, as well as being easy to clean and resistant to everyday detergents as well as to fire.