Warmth, harmony, natural elegance: Hike is the new porcelain tile collection that surrenders to the irresistible charm of wood to give your spaces a cosy and positive mood. Hike introduces surfaces with delicate shades, which are always near to your everyday life, which live and breath in harmony with you, to make you feel at the centre of your ideal world.

Hike introduces the new porcelain slab format, 30x240cm: an extra large size that opens up to new possibilities of installation. Larger and longer slabs that cover any surface and highlight all the typical features of a material that is both ancient and new. A unique occasion to celebrate the beauty of nature. Hike is also available in the more traditional 20x120cm size, 20x100cm Chevron and 30x120cm in 20mm paver thickness.

The warm hues of Hike include Light, Nuance, Lodge and Lumber

Light: a white with soft almond-coloured shades. A light and delicate tone that illuminates and allows your spaces to breath. A particularly light mood that conveys harmony.

Nuance: beige, a unique tone that brings warmth and a feeling of relaxation. A meditative mood that makes you one with the environment that surrounds you.

Lodge: light brown, a warm and natural tone that will never go unnoticed. A passionate mood to offer joy and enthusiasm.

Lumber: dark brown, a very refined tone for tasteful and elegant environments. An elegant and refined mood to arouse wonder and admiration.

Each colour is available in 2 finishes: Grip and Matt. This makes Hike versatile and applicable to both indoor, outdoor and population-dense settings such as pools and spas, as well as restaurants, hotels and shopping centres.

Hike is Made in Italy with the highest quality of materials. The Hike collection therefore ensures high standards of hygiene. They are hypo-allergenic and they do not release organic substances into the environment (they are VOC Free). The materials used in the creation of this product allow the tile to withstand stress of various forms while retaining their original appearance. The collection is also fireproof and do not produce toxic gasses in the event of a fire.