The Verse collection of stone-effect porcelain tiles is inspired by different natural stones, all characterised by directional veining. Verse celebrates the essential elements of Italian-made porcelain tiles: colour, texture and sizes to offer extreme versatility and uniqueness to any space.

This collection of porcelain tiles is available in 3 colours: Sugar colour, a delicate white shade perfect for a relaxing harmony sensation in bathrooms; the elegant and contemporary Cloud tint perfect for offices, reception areas or lounge spaces; and Volcano, an intense grey colour with heterogeneous shades. These 3 tints perfectly adapt to any innovative design need.

The matt finish of the porcelain tiles is finely chiselled to offer an elegant appeal and soft tactile sensations. Verse is perfect for any home style, giving living-rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms a unique and contemporary look.

As well as the traditional square and rectangular formats, 37,5×75, 30x 60 and 60×60 cm, the collection is characterised by creative versatility of the original plank sizes, 30×120, 20×120, 25×75 and 12,5×75: a broad and comprehensive range for a collection inspired by natural materials, offering new applications and modular opportunities.

The heterogeneity and elegance of Verse porcelain tiles, as well as the features of non-absorption and durability so typical of Italian-made products, are the result of the perfect merger of technology and eco-sustainability.