Is your Sydney home in need of a main living area or family room renovation?

Then TileArte is the Sydney tile shop for you! We provide a massive range of tiles, from smooth porcelains and sleek ceramic floor tiles through to mosaics and feature walls. We cater to your inspiration, style and budget to ensure your dream indoor living area is realised.



Looking to renovate your laundry, powder room, ensuite or main bathroom area? Look no further! From natural stone, smooth porcelains and sleek ceramic floor tiles through to feature walls, mosaics, borders and cladding. Whatever your indoor inspiration, style or budget is we have the answer at Tilearte.



At Tilearte we have a large selection for your Pool, Spa, and driveways projects. Visit our showroom today for a obligation free quote.



The latest slip rated stoneware, perfect for public spaces.


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On the lookout for a tiles shop in Sydney for your hotel reception retiling project? Unsure about which tiles to use for your new house? Searching for the right tiles that would fit the color scheme of your bathroom renovation at home?

Whether you’re new at tiling projects or have experienced a few before, you might be surprised at the overwhelming assortment of tiles available. You might already be familiar with porcelain and ceramic tiles. But aside from these, there are also cement tiles, metal tiles, glass tiles and stone tiles which are the different types of tiles based on material composition!

Besides, not every kind of tile would work for all types of jobs or projects, and there are other options worth considering. So, yes — it’s fine to feel a little overwhelmed with your choices.

But with the help of TileArte, making tile choices becomes a lot easier with our wide range of creatively crafted porcelain tiles.

We have over 20 years of experience in the tile industry, and we know everything there is to know about tiles — whether your requirements are for a residential or commercial project.

At TileArte, we’re always ready to assist you in finding the most suitable tiles for your project and budget.

Check out the different types of porcelain tiles we provide below.

Bathroom Tiles (Color Mood Tropical:Color Mood Menta:Gemme Menta)

TileArte features a wide array of porcelain bathroom tiles designed to transform the overall look and feel of your home. Whatever the size of your bathroom, you’re sure to find the most ideal match that’ll make it look spacious, unique, relaxing and luxurious.

Choose from our vast collection of porcelain bathroom tiles that come in a range of sizes, colours, finishes and textures. Whether you want a spa-like, lavish or quirky bathroom design, there’s sure to be a tile that’ll suit your vision at TileArte.

Floor Tiles (Roma Stone Pietra Beige:Roma Stone Calacatta Oro:Roma Stone Calacatta Pietra Beige e Brown Deco:Roma Stone Ramage Beige)

If your dream is to have a stunning floor pattern that complements your home interior or a modern yet classy-looking floor area that reflects the aesthetics of your building, then TileArte offers a wide array of floor tiles to suit your most exacting requirements.

We provide a variety of attractive, durable and low-maintenance porcelain floor tiling options suitable for reception areas, indoor and outdoor living spaces, kitchen diners, hallways and many more.

Whether you want tiles made from natural stone or aesthetically pleasing manmade materials, you’re spoilt for choice here at TileArte. Our high-quality porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of finishes and textures — you’ll have a hard time telling the difference between our porcelain tiles and their material inspiration.

Inner Lake AExtra20 40x120; Inner Lake 60x120; Built Path 60x120

Outdoor porcelain floor tiles provide home and building owners an easy way to add interest and beauty to external spaces, such as a garden, footpath, pavement, entertainment area, and so on.

TileArte offers a range of outdoor tiles to help you achieve the look and feel that you want for your space. You can choose from our selection of modern, sleek, slip-resistant and hardwearing porcelain tiles designed to enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space.

Premium porcelain wall tiles at TileArte are made to create stunning spaces and achieve an exceptional aesthetic impact — whether it’s for your bathroom, kitchen, living area or bedrooms at home or the reception, meeting room and other common areas in your commercial building.

Our range of wall tiles is designed to satisfy different design aesthetics. If you want to achieve a look of understated elegance or are putting together a colourful statement wall, TileArte is sure to have the options you need.

Pool tiling gives you the opportunity to personalise your swimming pool whilst also achieving a premium finish. Aside from making your pool look more inviting, porcelain pool tiles are easier to clean and require less maintenance than rendered pool surfaces.

TileArte porcelain pool tiles also make your swimming pool safer by providing grip, thereby helping prevent slips and falls. If you have a fibreglass pool, tiling helps protect the gel coat from the sun and gives your pool the illusion of having been constructed from concrete. Even hotel pools benefit from tiling as it’s one of the easiest ways to add elegance to their pool space.

Herringbone Black Mosaic

Add interest and oomph to your space with gorgeous mosaic tiles. You can use these extremely versatile tiles in creating one-of-a-kind spaces, splashbacks and memorable feature walls full of personality.

At TileArte, you can let your imagination run wild as you choose from a variety of mosaic tiles. We have mosaic tiles made from natural stone, such as real pebbles, marble and travertine. Or you can opt for glass, metal, porcelain or other types of mosaic tiles to ensure you achieve the look or effect you want for your space.

Aside from boasting extraordinary natural beauty and strength, natural stone tiles are totally unique and can turn any surface into a rare masterpiece on its own.

Elegant, luxurious and transformative, porcelain tiles in natural stone and travertine designs at TileArte can be used on a range of spaces, such as bathroom vanities, kitchen countertops, walls and floors.

Infuse your project with the appeal and character of stone materials with porcelain tiles that resemble marble, granite, sandstone, slate and limestone from TileArte.


Whether you want minimalist or elegant non-slip outdoor tiles in Sydney, alfresco tiles from TileArte are sure to deliver. We provide durable, stylish, high-quality alfresco tiles designed to redefine the outdoor living area of your home. Their low porosity and moisture resistance make alfresco tiles ideal for the weather-exposed sections of your property.

TileArte’s alfresco tiles come in a range of textures that are visually appealing and capable of withstanding extreme weather. Whether you need an ideal tiling solution for your lawn, backyard garden, deck, footpath, walkway or outdoor flooring, alfresco tiles are the best kind of tile for the Australian environment.

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