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December 6, 2019
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TileArte’s Caesar Eikon range re-elaborate the timeless beauty of stone, enriching it with technical features in terms of resistance and duration in time. Ideal for plans requiring high performance products. The compactness and homogeneity of Eikon porcelain stoneware collection ensure notable resistance to abrasion, to frost and to chemical agents. These features, combined with anti-slip and low absorption of the material, allow for the use on exterior floors, even in areas of heavy transit on or indoor use, such as swimming-pools or wellness areas, where there is presence of water.The authenticity material genuineness of the Caesar porcelain stoneware, together with harmonic chromatic variations between one tile and the other, recall the expression of natural stone and contributes to the creations of new timeless spaces. Resistance, practicality, style, intensity and natural look of the chromatic shades: Eikon porcelain stoneware ceramics gives continuity to indoor and outdoor spaces, adapts itself to residential and commercial spaces to bring life to exciting and fascinating atmospheres.

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Meet is an antiqued and eclectic wood look porcelain tile that  matches  your  taste to  give rise to the style you desire.

Through this new timber-look collection, the emotion of wood will bleed through your space. Meet is a charming encounter between the natural accent of the source of inspiration and the flavour of a slightly worn material, recovered through a pickling process.

Meet is versatile by nature. This collection offers 4 colour variants and a multitude of sizes for a porcelain stoneware collection with a versatile soul, which lends itself to interesting combinations with a range other stone, marble and concrete-look products.

The 4 colours include:

Scandi White, a variant with gentle, bright and understated hues which are perfect to put together informal and creative ambiances. Scandi White is inspired by trends set by Scandinavian style.

Chic Beige, a warm shade of beige which strikes a harmonious balance between intimacy and sophistication. Chic Beige is the ideal base for design solutions keeping with the latest trends, such as compositions with a glamorous allure which focus on originality and decoration.

Allure Hazel, warm and intense hues, devised to restyle craft-based tradition with innovative solutions with a contemporary country lookAllure Hazel is welcoming and sociable, without forgoing a note of seductive elegance.

Eclectic Brown, a dark and intense colour which is ideal for projects which focus on eclecticism, bringing together different styles, to give rise to bold yet balanced contrasts.

Each colour is available in 20×120 cm in both an internal and external finish.

Meet also offers a range of decors, including the 30×120 cm Stave and 20×100 cm Chevron (available in all colours). The charming Tarsia 20×20 cm and Squares 80×80 cm (a Parquetry-style design in Chic Beige and Allure Hazel) decorations are a reinterpretation of the cabinet-making tradition of Coffers and Inlays with a lively and trendy touch. These additional offerings echo the craftsmanship of years past, and reinterpret it, giving rise to solutions with superior design potential.

The Chic Beige and Allure Hazel colours are also available in a 2nd thickness (20 mm) in 2 sizes: 60×60 cm and 30×120 cm.

Meet is the right choice to put together interior (bathrooms, kitchens, living spaces, bedrooms and commercial spaces) and exterior projects (decks, balconies, pools, spas and driveways)  inspired by the most innovative and lively styles of contemporary design.

Meet is Made in Italy with the highest quality of materials. The Meet collection therefore ensures high standards of hygiene. They are hypo-allergenic and they do not release organic substances into the environment (they are VOC Free). The materials used in the creation of this product allow the tile to withstand stress of various forms while retaining their original appearance. The collection is also fireproof and do not produce toxic gasses in the event of a fire.










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