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August 7, 2016

Playing with Colour – TileArte’s Way

The top 6 colour predictions of TileArte Using these colours and/or any other colour is easy as long as you understand levels and balance within a space. For example – talking kitchen splash backs; If you are using a marble bench (Carrara look), you might think; “I need to use […]
April 24, 2016


NATURAL INSPIRATION WITH TILEARTE’S CAESAR EIKON RANGE TileArte’s Caesar Eikon range re-elaborate the timeless beauty of stone, enriching it with technical features in terms of resistance and duration in time. Ideal for plans requiring high performance products.
March 31, 2016

VIBE Timber Looking Porcelain

With Vibe, wood look porcelain tiles, you will experience the warm vibrations of a material that tinges daily-life spaces and reinterprets them. The tiles of the Vibe collection are a substantial ceramics that, from floors to walls, are able to welcome you and tell you about youself.
November 13, 2015

Italian Tiles – When Style Really Matters

As far as the construction industry in concerned, Italy is one of the powerhouses when it comes to the best designs and construction materials. Italian styles can are found in several places across the globe. In most cases, they are preferred to by those looking for executive and exquisite looks […]
November 13, 2015

How to Take Good Care of Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan tiles are ideal for homeowners who appreciate diversity in the art and culture from different regions of the world. The beauty of these tiles can be luxuriant when installed and blended in with the right interior décor. However, if you want the best out of your Moroccan tiles, proper […]
November 12, 2015

Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Tiles

Are you full of trepidation and worry that you will make an expensive mistake when purchasing your tiles? Allow us to remind you that you are not alone in this. Tiles are an integral part of the overall beauty of the home hence it is justifiable if you are afraid […]
November 12, 2015

Travertine Tiles – Why You Should Care About Them

Travertine Tiles is one of the flooring options available to you if you are considering installing a tiled floor. It has very close resemblance to marble hence it’s usually one of the options for homeowners looking for luxurious floor tiles. If it is true that it’s just like marble, then […]
November 11, 2015

The Perfect Kitchen Wall Tiles

Before you embark on your DIY project of tiling your kitchen walls, it is imperative that you choose the right kitchen wall tiles to help you achieve the particular effects you want in your kitchen. It is undeniable that there is a superfluity of tile types and designs to choose […]
November 10, 2015

Tile Selection for Your Home

There are a number of benefits that tiles offer to homeowners as compared to other flooring options. They are not only durable, but also they are easy to clean and do not require any specialized treatment in case they are stained. In addition to these, they come in different varieties, […]
November 9, 2015

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Many homeowners often end up using wrong bathroom tiles due to certain common mistakes that could have been avoided before making the purchase. Choosing the right tiles is not rocket science and should therefore not be construed as such. If you know what you are looking for and where to […]