Five Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Tiles

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November 12, 2015
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Are you full of trepidation and worry that you will make an expensive mistake when purchasing your tiles? Allow us to remind you that you are not alone in this. Tiles are an integral part of the overall beauty of the home hence it is justifiable if you are afraid of purchasing the wrong one. With the plethora of choices available, you need to be aware of the biggest mistakes that most buyers fall for when buying tiles. If you watch out of the following five tile purchase mistakes, you will have increased chances of buying your dream tiles-:

Forgetting About Your Needs and Lifestyle When Making your Choice

There are no universal types of tiles that will suit the needs of each and every homeowner. Everybody has unique tastes and preferences when it comes to styling their homes. Many people, however, tend to choose tiles oblivious of their needs and lifestyles. In most cases, many base the purchases on the aesthetics of the tiles without considering if they will serve their purposes in the home while at the same time complimenting the interior décor of the house. To avoid this mistake, know exactly why you need the tiles and ensure that they enhance the beauty of your home.

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Falling For Marketing Gimmicks

Hundreds of tiling companies are out in the market craving for your attention. They use different marketing gimmicks to ensure that they get you on board so that you can purchase their products. You need to watch out for them because most of their products never live up to the claims they make. Also, be careful about “Buy one get two free” offers. Be aware that the cost of the “free” is usually hidden in the overall cost of the product. You can avoid these marketing gimmicks by dealing the reputable tile brands or working directly with your contractor since they may have recommendations on the best suppliers whose tiles you can trust.

Selecting Poor Tile Quality

Tiles are made from different materials hence they are all of different qualities. This is a fact that many buyers are never aware of, and quite often, they choose the tiles based on the design and the outward beauty, without any due consideration to the tile material. If you don’t want to choose poor quality tiles for your home, let a flooring expert accompany you to the shop when you go to make the purchase. If this is not possible, interrogate adequately the qualities and the features of the tiles from the sellers before you finally make a commitment to buying them.

Lack of Budget

Most people walk into the tiles stores with “some money” looking forward to purchasing the best tiles for their homes. This is very dangerous! They have no idea of how much they are willing to spend and most likely; they don’t even know the kind of tiles they want. A budget will not just help you determine the amount of money to spend, but also help you understand the type of tiles you can get with the amount of money you have. Use the help of a professional tiling expert to help you decide on the right tiles as well as the budget so as not to be a victim of this.

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