VIBE Timber Looking Porcelain

Italian Tiles – When Style Really Matters
November 13, 2015
April 24, 2016

With Vibe, wood look porcelain tiles, you will experience the warm vibrations of a material that tinges daily-life spaces and reinterprets them. The tiles of the Vibe collection are a substantial ceramics that, from floors to walls, are able to welcome you and tell you about youself.

Vibe wood look porcelain tiles is inspired by 6 wood essences: Quercia and Rovere, with a natural feel, to decorate spaces with elegance and character; Frost and Cinder that reinterpret the timeless style of wood in a contemporary way. Then Marsala and Marsala Raw marking any space with an appealing touch.

Sober and elegant, the Vibe wood look porcelain tiles characterise daily life spaces also thanks to the 3 decorative motifs, Squares, Woodmix and Blocks, that evoke ancient decors and interpret them in a contemporary way.

Even in the outdoors, the style and broad range of Ceramiche Caesar is exalted with Vibe Aextra20, porcelain slabs in 20 mm thickness in the listel size 60×60 cm and in the plank size 30×120 cm, perfect for outdoor dry installation in residential and commercial spaces.

Ceramiche Caesar wood look porcelain tiles, entirely Made in Italy, are the result of the merger of technology and eco-sustainability and offer design solutions for any architectural need.