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November 24, 2017
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November 25, 2018




TileArte’s Caesar Eikon range re-elaborate the timeless beauty of stone, enriching it with technical features in terms of resistance and duration in time. Ideal for plans requiring high performance products. The compactness and homogeneity of Eikon porcelain stoneware collection ensure notable resistance to abrasion, to frost and to chemical agents. These features, combined with anti-slip and low absorption of the material, allow for the use on exterior floors, even in areas of heavy transit on or indoor use, such as swimming-pools or wellness areas, where there is presence of water.The authenticity material genuineness of the Caesar porcelain stoneware, together with harmonic chromatic variations between one tile and the other, recall the expression of natural stone and contributes to the creations of new timeless spaces. Resistance, practicality, style, intensity and natural look of the chromatic shades: Eikon porcelain stoneware ceramics gives continuity to indoor and outdoor spaces, adapts itself to residential and commercial spaces to bring life to exciting and fascinating atmospheres.



Arthis is inspired from the noble arts that have transformed woodworking into a master’s craft. These arts have become the inspiration for an extraordinarily beautiful new collection of timber-look porcelain tiles.

Arthis nourishes with new life the capacity to turn a natural material into the skill of the artisan, to bring warmth and elegance to any design context.

In the world of Arthis, past, present and future blend in a material that is full of life to offer a feeling of inspired contemporary craftsmanship to residential and commercial spaces.

The range consists of 4 different hand-crafted woof inspirations.

The evaporation of oak is the inspiration of Vapor, a light colour with subtle and slightly desaturated patterns, conveying a feeling of intimate and whispered elegance.

Natur consists of Soft and luminous tones for patterns that combine the darker marks of stucco work to the minute details of natural wood. Warmth and craftsmanship are combined for an accomplished, yet contemporary, rustic style.

Oleum is a warm and mellow brown that inherits the great strength of oil-saturated oak. This is ideal for welcoming environments where craftsmanship rhymes with a natural style.

Finally, Royal, a variation of timber with darker, more intense and enveloping tones that recall the extraordinary character of seasoned oak. This is ideal for a contemporary look cloaked in a noble and masterful elegance.

Each colour is available in a Matt/Natural finish, however, Vapor, Natur and Oleum are available in a 20mm external paver with a grip/textured finish. The 20mm paver makes this range the perfect range for both external and wet-area application.

Arthis is available in the tradition 20×120 timber plank size and in a new, more contemporary, 7.5×60 long subway form. The range also includes 20×100 Chevron pieces, adding to the overall architectural versatility of this range. The external paver is only available in a large 40×120 format, which is the ideal format for commercial and architectural application.

Arthis also consists of 2 stunning décor variations: Impression and Kerf. Each décor is available in 2 colours to match the Vapor and Natur base tiles.

Impression is the décor that draws its inspiration from pyrography. By means of the match with the Natur and Vapor variations, it gives richness and complexity to the collection.

Kerf, on the other hand, works well with the Natur and Vapor base tiles by reproducing the appearance of saw-cut planks.









Wood effect

Sizes (cm)

20×100 Chevron, 20×120, 40×120, 7.5×60

Chromatic Shading



Beige, Brown

Surface Finish

Natural, Textured


20 mm, 8-10 mm