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Porcelain outdoor tiles never fail to enhance outdoor environments with their stunning designs. Aside from being a beautiful material, porcelain outdoor tiles work great for a range of outdoor applications, including terraces, patios, walkways, pool areas and many more.

At TileArte, we have an impressive array of porcelain deck tiles and outdoor tiles in Sydney in different sizes, colours and shapes, making them perfect for all types of outdoor residential and commercial projects.

Advantages of Using Porcelain Tiles for Outdoor Applications

The demanding Australian weather calls for a very special brand of tiles that can withstand years of use (and abuse) without compromising on its beauty and functionality. Porcelain outdoor tiles have all these attributes and provide the following advantages:


Stain and wear resistance

Porcelain is impervious to various environmental stresses, including staining and daily wear and tear. These qualities make porcelain tiles an obvious choice for outdoor areas that receive plenty of traffic. As a non-porous material with an amazing water absorption rate of 0.5 per cent or less, porcelain tiles prevent the penetration of moisture and liquid spills, as well as the accumulation of dirt on the surface. Porcelain is also extremely durable so it is scratch resistant.

Minimal upkeep

Its quality of having a very small number of holes structurally ensures porcelain is always clean and requires only a little upkeep. An occasional sweep and clean with warm, soapy water is all it takes to ensure your outdoor tiles look great all the time.

Easy installation and removal

Making some design changes in and out of your property? Porcelain outdoor tiles are easy to install and remove, too, so you can easily replace them when you are embarking on a major retiling project. Being a highly versatile material, these outdoor tiles are ideal for so many outdoor applications — from rooftops and patios to driveways and so much more.

Weather resistance

The non-porous nature and hardwearing quality of porcelain ensure the porcelain outdoor tiles you use won’t get damaged or crack even in freezing and sub-freezing temperatures. Porcelain is also exceptionally resistant to fading even with constant UV light exposure. In fact, professionally installed, high-quality porcelain tiles can last for decades — sometimes as much as 50 years!

Slip-resistant options

Porcelain tiles come in a variety of textures and finishes. For outdoor applications, you can choose tiles that are described as ‘flamed’ or ‘textured’ since these offer a good surface grip and are more slip-resistant.

Flawless transitions

You can seamlessly integrate your indoor and outdoor areas with porcelain tiles. This is because porcelain tiles are available in a wide range of designs, colours and textures, even mimicking natural materials like wood, metal and stone. With porcelain tiles, you can have the same design of tiles throughout if you don’t want any stylistic interruptions between your indoor and outdoor spaces. The only difference between the indoor and outdoor tiles you use would be their thickness.

The Best Outdoor Tiles Sydney Has to Offer

If you need premium quality porcelain outdoor tiles, TileArte offers a vast array of choices in designs that resemble traditional natural tile materials.

Outdoor tiles from TileArte give home and building owners a wide range of choices to realise their vision for their space. Check out our extensive outdoor tile collection and be inspired by the following:

Elapse Tiles

The Elapse collection of concrete-effect and stone-effect porcelain outdoor tiles at TileArte embody the look of natural stone and concrete that have weathered the ravages of time and the elements. Perfect for contemporary outdoor designs, Elapse tiles are available in various square, rectangular and listel formats.

These elegant outdoor tiles come in Neutral, Mist, Oyster, Cave and Pacific, encompassing a range of hues — from the clear heterogeneity of a neutral palette to shades of brown, grey and blue.

Made in Italy, beautiful, moisture-resistant and hardwearing, Elapse outdoor tiles have all the attributes you want to achieve your vision for your outdoor spaces.

Nord Tiles

One of the newest stone-effect collections at TileArte, Nord embodies the raw beauty of natural stone and the simplicity of Nordic design. An excellent choice for both interior and outdoor applications, Nord is as authentic as stone could ever be, with the addition of fossils and hues that perfect the natural look of flawed, real stone.

Nord comes in four captivating colours, namely Artic, Natural, Smoke and Night, as well as three finishes: Matt, Satin and External. Nord External also comes in a macro mosaic tile variant ideal for external locations.

Tecnolito Tiles

The Tecnolito collection features colour-effect porcelain outdoor tiles in 14 shades and five surface finishes that seamlessly combine the natural charm of ceramic and the beauty of contemporary design.

The Italy-made collection’s dedicated outdoor option, Tecnolito External, is available in six subtle and elegant shades. Tecnolito External is a high-quality, durable, eco-sustainable choice if you want an outdoor space that boasts a contemporary appeal and timeless elegance.

Eikon Tiles

The versatile Eikon series of stone-effect porcelain tiles are characterised by the ageless quality of stone that has naturally weathered the test of time and the elements. Eikon comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses. It is also abrasion-, frost- and chemical-resistant, anti-slip and has a low moisture absorption level, making it an ideal tiling solution for wet applications and outdoor areas.

Eikon is 100 per cent Italian made and available in four colours, namely Titanio, Gea, Aeras and Grafitis.

Meet Tiles

Achieve stunning wood effects with the Meet porcelain tile collection.

This new collection is a highly versatile material that’s sure to meet your ‘wood’ tile design aspirations, whether it’s for interior or exterior projects in residential and commercial spaces. Made in Italy to exacting quality and craftsmanship standards, Meet is available in different sizes and four colours: Scandi White, Chic Beige, Allure Hazel and Eclectic Brown. All colour variations come in internal and external finishes.

Meet is perfect for exterior projects, such as pools, spas, driveways, decks and balconies. These tiles are hypoallergenic, free from VOCs, hardwearing and fireproof.

The above examples give you a glimpse of all the wonderful porcelain tile options you can choose from at TileArte.

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