VIBE Timber Looking Porcelain
March 31, 2016
Playing with Colour – TileArte’s Way
August 7, 2016


TileArte’s Caesar Eikon range re-elaborate the timeless beauty of stone, enriching it with technical features in terms of resistance and duration in time. Ideal for plans requiring high performance products. The compactness and homogeneity of Eikon porcelain stoneware collection ensure notable resistance to abrasion, to frost and to chemical agents. These features, combined with anti-slip and low absorption of the material, allow for the use on exterior floors, even in areas of heavy transit on or indoor use, such as swimming-pools or wellness areas, where there is presence of water.The authenticity material genuineness of the Caesar porcelain stoneware, together with harmonic chromatic variations between one tile and the other, recall the expression of natural stone and contributes to the creations of new timeless spaces.

Resistance, practicality, style, intensity and natural look of the chromatic shades: Eikon porcelain stoneware ceramics gives continuity to indoor and outdoor spaces, adapts itself to residential and commercial spaces to bring life to exciting and fascinating atmospheres.

A strong personality line and iconic trend: EIKON is precious matter, intended to design various pattern combinations. Tactile and visual sensations give dynamism and efficiency to any space.

High level performance for a strongly material product, from exclusive technology able to combine technique and aesthetics, in the tradition of Caesar porcelain stoneware Made in Italy.

The 20 mm thickness version of Eikon, based on every different need and destination of use, can be installed i various ways: traditional glue installation, suspended installation or dry installation on gravel, grass or sand. Such laying methods guarantee handy, easy quick and budget installation operations also on floors for public and private use.