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November 12, 2015
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Moroccan tiles are ideal for homeowners who appreciate diversity in the art and culture from different regions of the world. The beauty of these tiles can be luxuriant when installed and blended in with the right interior décor. However, if you want the best out of your Moroccan tiles, proper care and maintenance is imperative. The fragility of the tiles might ruin their aesthetics and the whole beauty of your home when you fail to tend to them properly. Presented below are certain subtle tips you can use for proper maintenance of the tiles so as to enhance their beauty and longevity-:

Use Mats on the Door Ways to Protect Your Morroccan Tiles

One of the threats that face most of the tiled floors, and not just Moroccan tiles alone is the tiny scratches arising from people walking on the floor with small particles on their shoe soles. But this can be easily avoided when you place mats on the doorways leading to the floors where the Moroccan tiles are installed. It will help to ensure that the tiny particles are deposited on the mat before they reach the tiles.

Moroccan Floor Tiles in Sydney.

Cleaning Tips for Moroccan Tiles

Proper and regular cleaning is imperative for greater looks in any Moroccan tiles. However, for the best results, there are certain cleaning tips you should consider when cleaning these types of floors. They include the following-:

  • For regular cleaning, use a mixture of vinegar and warm water and scrub gently with a soft piece of cloth.
  • Use vacuum cleaners if you prefer, since this will not cause any damages.
  • For removing tough and stubborn stains, scrub the spots gently with a mixture of water and bicarbonate soda.
  • Avoid using abrasives, steel wool or hard brush on the surface of the tiles.
  • Do not use bleaches or ammonia based cleaners since they are likely to eat into the tiles and destroy the colors and the patterns.

Fix Furniture with Gliders

Dragging heavy furniture on the floors is likely to cause cracks or very ugly scratches on the Moroccan tiles. It is thus advisable that you fix all the furniture placed on the floor with appropriate gliders so that they don’t affect the surface of the floors. Additionally, avoid having items with lots of weights placed on the floors. They may increase the tension and cause the tiles to crack or break. Similarly, avoid dropping heavy objects on the tiles.

It might also help to install rubber protectors on the furniture legs to avoid any scratches that might arise due to very small movement of the furniture.

Do Not Drag Items on the Floors

Just like heavy furniture with no gliders, dragging items across the floor will cause cracks in the tiles. If you need to move an item from one place to another, carry it then place it down gently to avoid causing damages to the floor. Also, avoid walking with spiked heeled shoes on the floors.

Use these tips to get the best out of your Moroccan tiles.

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