Travertine Tiles – Why You Should Care About Them

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November 11, 2015
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Travertine Tiles is one of the flooring options available to you if you are considering installing a tiled floor. It has very close resemblance to marble hence it’s usually one of the options for homeowners looking for luxurious floor tiles. If it is true that it’s just like marble, then what makes it a force to reckon with, in the tiling industry? Read on to find out why you need to pay close attention to this type of tile if you have been ignoring it in the past-:

Travertine Avails Variety of Styles

Most of the flooring tiles leave a lot to be desired with regards to their variety. They leave you with a limited range of options to choose from. Travertine tiles, however, presents you with a wide variety of styles and colors which are guaranteed to meet your particular tastes and preferences as far flooring tiles are concerned. The schemes available range from white to dark shades with different pattern and color options to satisfy your needs.

Travertine Can Create the Bold Looks

If you thought that the benefits of travertine end with the variety of styles and options, then wait until you learn how travertine tiles can create bold looks it the homes on whose floors it has been installed. The stone is blessed with natural veining that creates unique types of patterns on the tiles. These in turn create unique, elegant and bold looks that no other natural stone tile can create.

Travertine Tiles are Easy to Fix and Install

Travertine Tiles

In appearance, you might mistake travertine for marble or porcelain. But when it comes to fixing and installing, travertine tiles is far much easier to work with compared to the two. Travertine is also far much affordable and easily available in comparison with marble or porcelain tiles. Suppose you want to do repairs or minor floor renovation, you will realize that it’s to find a travertine floor that matches your current flooring hence saving you a lot of time and money in the process.

Marble and porcelain on the other hand are difficult to find the ones which match if you needed a quick fix. The installation of travertine tiles is also much simpler. They are easy to cut and shape, and this is a major advantage compared with either marble or porcelain.

Travertine is Environmentally Friendly

The current trend in the construction industry and many others is “Going Green”. People are more concerned about the effects of their actions on environment hence they are keen on using products that will have fewer impacts on the already fragile environment. Since it is a natural material, travertine is environmentally friendly hence doesn’t bring any harm to the sensitive ecosystem. Porcelain on the other hand undergoes a manufacturing process hence it’s not purely natural from an ecological perspective.

It is however important to point out that travertine tiles is not all holy! It has certain less desirable characteristics, and you also need to know about them as well. It is a bit porous and can catch etch especially when installed in the kitchen. Besides these, it is an ideal tile that will give you lots of advantages if installed properly on the floors.

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