November 26, 2013
May 19, 2014

TileArte LIFE develops natural wood into porcelain stoneware to create atmospheres of relaxing wellness in any space. The chromatic range includes 5 natural hues characterised by a marked shade-on-shade versatility both on single pieces and on the whole floor, reproducing the typical colour shading of natural wood. With the large 22.5x180cm size, available in Oak, Noce and Moro colours, Caesar porcelain stoneware meets the natural dimension of architecture.


Caesar develops natural wood into porcelain stoneware to create atmospheres of relaxing wellness in any space. The collection is available in 4 listel-sizes, single work-size and rectified, to offer different installation solutions, from traditional patterns to original multi-size combinations.

The double surface finish, natural and textured, increases the application potential of the collection. Life brings the precious essence of natural wood to interiors and exteriors of any residential and commercial venue for use on floors and walls.

Life captures the versatility of natural textures and colours to create a refined, harmonious and never repetitive effect.
TileArte Æxtra 20 system offers four installation solutions depending on the destination of use:
Raised installation, easily removable simply by lifting the slabs, suitable for outdoor applications and which requires a technical gap underlying the foot plan. Installation onto gravel, functional, quick,design-effect, resistant and removable.
Traditional adhesive installation, extremely resistant and suitable for outdoor carriageable paths.

Installation onto grass, easily removable and reusable elsewhere. Thanks to a few easy steps, it can be carried out in total safety, without requiring special equipment or qualified laying technicians. Installation onto grass of TileArte Aextra 20 is the perfect solution for residential gardens, parks and public outdoor venues. This versatility, together with the excellent features of resistance of Caesar porcelain stoneware, makes TileAtre Æxtra 20 the perfect solution for outdoor applications. TileArte Æxtra 20 can be used in residential venues (terraces, gazebos, gardens, attics and balconies) and in public spaces such as summer areas of restaurants and bars, external spaces in wellness centres, swimming-pools and bathing resorts.