Top 5 Tile Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

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November 2, 2015
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November 4, 2015

At one point in time, you may have the need to undertake tile renovation to improve the functionality and aesthetics of your home. Whereas updating the tiles can be a relatively easy and quick task, there are certain tile renovation mistakes you must look out for lest you end up spending more time and resources in accomplishing the project. These mistakes are mostly committed by those who embark on DIY tile renovation projects. Be careful not to fall a victim of them. They are as follows-:

Unnecessary Tile Renovation

Not all occasions will require you to do a complete tile renovation for your bathroom or kitchen. If you want to renovate because you hate the tile type, or it’s ruining your interior décor, then that’s fine. However, if your main reason for renovating is due to damage, you need to assess and ascertain that indeed, the damage is dire to warrant a renovation.

A Kitchen Floor Tile Renovation

Before you start tearing apart your old tiles, you may consider repair alternatives since this will be less costly and will take a relatively shorter time. Think about re-grouting if age is your main concern or replacing the chipped or the broken tiles with new ones with a satisfactory match.

Choosing the Wrong Tile

Choosing the wrong tile type is one of the most common mistakes that the majority make when they look forward to doing a tile renovation. A wrong selection may be in terms of functionality as well as the aesthetic aspects of the tile. It is important to consider the fact that different tiles have different areas of application, and this is the only way to ensure that you get the most out of your tiles.

For instance, a fragile and slippery tile may not be a very good candidate for the floors but it will work well on the walls. You also need to be conscious about the color and the motifs of the tiles because they will have a great bearing in complementing the interior décor and the architectural style of the home.


Avoiding the Preparation Work

Before the tiles are laid, proper prep work needs to be done to make the surfaces ready for the tiles. Over the years, the walls and the floors might have settled differently thereby resulting in uneven surfaces. It is imperative to counter these effects by leveling all the surfaces to make them flat for easy and efficient tile installation.

Improper Laying of the Tiles

The other predominant error in tile renovation is the tile laying errors. This is very rampant in DIY tile installation projects because most of the time, such installers lack the technical aspects of proper tile installation. They may not be aware of how to cut or grout the tiles in the right manner, or they may forget to smoothen out comb marks to give high-quality finishing.

Poor Measurement

Failing to take the correct measurements is the fastest way to blow up your renovation budget and have nor result or mediocre results at the end. If you fail to take the right measurements, you will either end up purchasing more tiles than necessary or fewer tiles which may not be enough to get the job done. You are also likely to run into installation problems since the tiles will look off center or crooked because you started with the wrong measurements.

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