How to Choose the Best Swimming Pool Tiles

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November 4, 2015
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November 6, 2015

Well chosen swimming pool tiles are like the secret sauce that will add to the aesthetics and functionalities of your pool and make it more enjoyable for use. However, choosing the right swimming pool tiles goes beyond the design, color and aesthetics. Use the following tips to get the best tiles that will accentuate the appearance of your pool, create a welcoming aura and make the pool safe for use by everybody.

Pool Safety First – Choose Slip Resistent Tiles

The last thing you need in your compound is a beautifully designed pool that will cause nothing but accidents or even death to your loved ones. Since the areas around the pool will be wet for most of the times, you need slip resistant swimming pool tiles installed on the walls, at the bottom and on regions around the pool. It’s the only way to prevent slips that might lead to serious injuries.

Always Go For Tiles with Lifetime Guarantees

If you want a lasting aesthetic appeal for your pool and also save your pocket from unnecessary and repair and maintenance costs, always go for swimming pool tiles with lifetime guarantees. In this manner, you are assured of getting tiles that won’t lose their color due to fading and also won’t break or get damaged easily to warrant regular repairs and maintenance.

Swimming Pool Tiles

Consider Top Notch Designs

The beauty or the visual appeal of the pool will be dictated by the design of the tiles. There are a plethora of decorative designs you can choose from to create various artistic visual impacts on the pool. Be very keen and choose on the swimming pool tile designs that you are comfortable with. It would be a waste of time and money to install the tiles only to uninstall them later because you are not pleased with the appearance.

Closely related to the design are the tile colors. In most cases, people will choose blue or white tiles for the floors since they are reflective hence add a special aesthetic appeal to the pools. But remember that you are under no restrictions to use these colors alone. You are free to use contrasting bands of colors or bright colors with creative patterns to add splash and life in the pools.

You should however not use dark or dull colors for the base of the pool. They won’t just affect the beauty of the pool but also they will not indicate the extent of the pool’s depth. This can create serious safety concerns.

Choose Durable Tiles for the Pool’s Interior

The tiles used outside the pool should not be the same as the ones used inside the pool. It is advisable that the ones used for the floor and the walls should be durable and preferably be made from stone, pebble or slate. Slip resistance is also another important factor of consideration when choosing the inner tiles.

Ask to be Shown Tile Samples

Before you finally make any commitment, ask so that you be shown samples to have an idea of how the pool would look like after the installation of the tiles. From the samples, you will have a clear picture of what to expect, and you can also draw certain inspirations concerning the designs of your pool. ‘

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