How to Choose the Best Outdoor Tiles for Your Backyard

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November 5, 2015
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Choosing the best outdoor tiles for your Sydney backyard is very important because they are a great addition to the overall appearance of your outdoor areas. Use these tips to help you choose the most suitable tiles for your backyard:

Choose Outdoor Tiles to Match the Weather Conditions

Different outdoor tiles are manufactured for application in regions with different weather conditions. Most of the times, any outdoor tile will work in areas with warm climates. However, if you come from a region with predominantly cold weather, you need to use outdoor tiles that have been designed to withstand low temperatures. Otherwise, the tiles are likely to shrink after they are installed, and this may cause gaps between the tiles and eventually interfere with their use as well as the visual appeal of the outdoor.

Outdoor Tiles for the Backyard should be durable.

Making Your Tiles Last Longer

Backyards experience a higher degree of foot traffic and moisture hence the tile’s finish should be taken into consideration to ensure that the outdoor tiles do not lose their aesthetic value with continued use. Porcelain tiles are ideal for this kind of application since they don’t wear out easily. Non-porcelain tiles on the other hand might require tough glazing to withstand the outdoor conditions. Also, remember to choose tiles with non-slip finishes to reduce the chances of injuries or accidents due to slips.

Large Tiles would be okay if you deal with large flat surfaces

Outdoor Tile Sizes

Since you are dealing with the outdoors, there is a possibility that the surface may not be even to facilitate the placement of bigger tiles. In such a case, smaller tiles would be the ideal choice because they won’t require a lot of prep works to get the surfaces ready for installation. But if you are dealing with even flat surfaces, large tiles would be just okay. Larger tiles can also be used in small outdoor areas to create the illusion of big spaces. They make the area look big even though it is very small in size.

Consider the Tile’s Absorption Rate

Absorption rate refers to the tile’s ability to soak up water. The preferred tile for outdoors should have a low absorption rate. This is so that it doesn’t take up a lot of water and be predisposed to stains and cracks. Basically, there are four absorption levels for tiles and they include-:

  • Impervious – do not absorb any liquids and are easy to maintain
  • Vitreous – this is the standard absorption levels for tiles. Suitable for use in outdoor areas with low to medium traffic.
  • Semi-vitreous – exhibits low degree of absorption
  • Non-vitreous – highest absorption rates and should never be used in dump places.

Durability of Your Outdoor Tiles

Tiles installed in the backyard should be resilient and very durable. These features will help them to withstand the imminent wear and tear that is characteristic of the outdoor spaces. To find out about the tile’s durability, simply check the PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) durability rating. Typically, PEI ratings range from 1 to 5 with one being suitable for indoor uses while 5 for heavy commercial applications such as banks, shopping malls, etc. The ideal PEI rating for backyard tiles should therefore be between PEI 3 and PEI 4.

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